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I registered the domain 3 years ago without really knowing what I would be doing with it. I just wanted to register it to myself before someone else did. Setting up WordPress was even easier than it used to be 7 years earlier when I did it the last time.

I used to build scale model planes as a kid. Then there was a break of 25 years but two years ago I had a wake up call. My local scale model store Harraste announced that they were going to close after 40 years and retire. They had several months of a fire sale when they emptied their stock. I visited them a couple of times and got pile of models, tools, paints and other accessories.

What else made me resume this old hobby? Well, I have my own garage workshop now, I have some time too now that our kids are not that small anymore, I can afford all the kits and tools I want, I have some more patience, and last but not least there’s YouTube. When I built those kits as a kid, it was all about trying and failing. Today I can check all those amazing YouTube tutorials by true scale model artist and then give it a try myself.

During these two years I have built a total of 18 tanks. They’re all in 1/35 scale from World War II to Cold War. I’ve tried to learn something new during every build. I’ve been trying to learn to use airbrush, washes, pigments, decal softeners and after market parts. Since my tank project photos have gained surprisingly many likes in Twitter, I thought I’d start adding more content here.

I’ve been thinking about adding project photos and stories, kit reviews and how-to guides. But that’s not all. Since I still love playing both World of Tanks and World of Warships, I may very well post content of those as well.

Here we go. Hope you will like it.


  1. We all can use tips on model building.

    Model building brought me to World of Tanks. Now I see World of Tanks giving manufacturers ideas for new subjects.

    It’s a win win.

    Nice site!

    1. Thanks mate. Amusing Hobby has surprisingly many World of Tanks fantasy tank kits like the WT Auf E 100. Trumpeter has all the German E series tanks and so on. Plenty of those for me to build.

    1. Thanks! Let this be a lesson for all. If I can build these, anyone can. I started less than two years ago with only a little experience from 25 years back. YouTube makes it so easy to learn. Then it’s all about trying and failing. 😉

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